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PR, tech and marketing ‘picks’ of the week

Here’s a round-up of PR, tech and marketing articles that caught our eye online in recent days. Includes PR advice for young companies straight from Facebook’s head of tech comms, why tech journos must keep their distance from big brands , the growing importance of long form content, and new guidelines for video bloggers from the Committee of Advertising Practice.

  • PR advice for start ups from Facebook’s head of tech comms
    Caryn Marooney, Head of Technology Communications for Facebook shares some interesting tips and PR advice for young companies on how they can capture press attention, launch on a strong note, build momentum and build an image that resonates with its audience. If you are a start up and struggling with your brand identity, Caryn’s article on is a must read!
  • Why tech journalists shouldn’t get too chummy with brands
  • Tech journo Mic Wright has written a thought provoking article on The Next Web explaining why hacks should keep their distance from big tech brands.
  • Longer contents drive more engagement
    We all thought the web was about short easy to scan content, but a study suggests longer content is actually better at building engagement with audiences while increasing brand authority. Check out the story on Marketing Profs.
  • New guidelines for video bloggers
    Attention all “vloggers”! The Committee of Advertising Practice (Cap) has issued its first guidance for video bloggers asking them to be more transparent about marketing relationships with brands. They need to clearly label advertising content and when they have been paid by brands to feature products.
  • The most creative techie CVs
    We all know how hard it is to get a new job! So, if you are looking for some inspiration, check out this Business Insider UK story which lists the most creative techie resumes (CVs to us Brits). The interactive video game version of Robby’s CV is my favourite pick!

And finally, take a look at CloudNine PR’s own blog post about how newer ad spend from marketing tech companies could be the reason for recent growth in UK marketing