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Is the corporate blog dead? Naah!

Your PR agency can help you get the most from your blog

There’s a rumour doing the rounds that corporate blogging is dead.  After all, managing a blog soaks up a lot of time and who reads them anyway – right?

Wrong.  If you put valuable content on your blog and get a good PR company to drum up interest, it’s a great way of raising your company profile.

Take the blog managed by our client, search and social analytics company, Searchmetrics. We’ve run PR and social media activity to promote content on the this blog which has greatly enhanced Searchmetrics’ visibility among target audiences (even if we do say so ourselves).

In one campaign, a study published on the blog was featured on the BBC News web site and the Guardian technology blog, as well as top UK marketing media, including Marketing, Marketing Week, Utalkmarketing and Econsultancy.  Technology media that covered the story included The Inquirer, PC Pro,, Computer Shopper and Web User.

The campaign produced dozens of mentions on SEO blogs and many hundreds of twitter mentions, as well as comments and links back to the  original post.   The PR exposure helped spread the message both nationally and internationally, with French national newspapers Le Monde and Les Echos also covering the story.

There was a dramatic lift in UK awareness and credibility for Searchmetrics. Traffic to the web site increased substantially, with many thousands of  visits to the publicised study on the blog.  20+  sales inquiries came in on the first day, with a significant rise in incoming calls weeks afterwards.

The blog post in question features a study of the UK roll out of Google’s Panda update (which changed how some prominent UK web sites ranked in Google searches) last year. There was NO traditional press release for this PR/social media campaign – we (the PR company) simply alerted target media and prominent bloggers of the content on the Searchmetrics blog. You can see the actual blog post here.

So there it is.  Proof – if you needed it – that there’s plenty of life left in the corporate blog..

 Phot credit: Kristina B