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PR, tech and marketing ‘picks’ of the week

Here’s around-up of PR, tech and marketing articles that caught our eye online in recent days. Includes stories on how exseutives can learn to ‘evanglise’ their company’s products and services; how the IT dept acts as a barrier to new technology; and a study of why  the ‘sex-sells’ maxim may not actually be true.

  • It’s official: sex doesn’t sell
  • Even in today’s politically correct times, you can find examples of marketers using sex to sell products and services. So we were interested to read about a study covered in The Drum this week in which researchers disproved the idea that sex and violence can help you sell.
  • How to Evanglise!
    Former tech evangelist at Apple, Guy Kawasaki, explains how company executives can learn the art of evangelising their company’s products and services. It’s written up here in the Harvard Business Review.
  • The IT dept stops new tech coming into the enterprise
    Rather than promoting the introduction of exciting new technology into the enterprise, the IT department acts as a barier. Apparently IT teams tend to stick to tried and trusted big name existing suppliers – partly because it’s the easier path and partly because it appears less risky and fits in with regulatory compliance. Read all about it here on Computer Weekly.
  • Facebook outstrips Google in growth on ad spend
    The Drum has run a story using data from CloudNine PR client Kenshoo which discusses the key numbers (including sales growth) of Facebook’s social media ads v Google’s search ads.
  • IBM tech ‘out-sponsored’ by Pimms at Wimbledon
    Pimms got more attention than official sponsor IBM at Wimbledon this year according to a story in AdWeek. I’m not really surprised, judging by the huge numbers I saw glugging the fruity alcoholic beverage when I visited SW19. It’s easier said than done for some companies, but I guess sponsorships work much better if they involve people actually trialling your product or service.

And finally, take a look at CloudNine PR‘s own blog post about the key technologies that define a high performing marketing department.