PR failure

I chuckled when I saw that at least three British politicians took a pounding in the media recently for trying to cash in on the current buzz surrounding Leicester City FC’s shock Premier League title win. The message is clear: if you’re a high profile brand (whether an MP, business chief or company) stay away from football and topics that people feel passionately about, unless you can be 100% authentic.

As a PR agency professiWhat football an teach PR peopleonal and a football fan, I’m always interested in the PR tactics of the big Premier League footie teams. So I was reflecting today on how Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger and the club’s PR team deliberately delayed the announcement of a long term striker injury this week in order to protect their negotiating position as they sought to bring in a replacement during the summer transfer window.

Are PR agencies too shy to ask for links?

PR and SEO are getting closer together, with many SEO pros using PR techniques to support organic search campaigns. This is especially true in linkbuilding - where getting a link back to your web page from prominent online publications and blogs can greatly help SEO.

How would great moments in recent history, such as England's 1966 World Cup win, have been covered if they'd been written up in the style of today's technology PR press releases. What a bizarre idea.  But this is just the notion that Martin Veitch, managing editor of technology news site, CIO UK, has 'kicked around' in his very funny blog post

There's a buzz doing the rounds of  tech journalist and marketing blogs right now about Microsoft's link up with the Sugababes to promote Windows 7 ( see posts from freelance IT journalist Guy Clapperton and Rebecca Thomson of Computer Weekly).  And what about this cheesy video of the...

Reading this Econsultancy post about failure in business got me thinking about how we respond to failure in PR. Like most of us, I hate to fail at anything. If a campaign or project doesn't deliver, it hurts in my gut.  And trying to explain why to a client who was...