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5 ways your PR agency should be annoying you

Is your PR agency getting a bit irritating? Are they starting to get on your nerves?  Well good for you…cause you might just have got yourself a really good PR agency. The truth is a good agency won’t be worried (too much) about pushing you and your team team a bit harder to support them, or being a little annoying… if it means getting better PR results for you.  So here are five legitimate ways that a PR agency should be annoying you….6 ways your PR agency should be annoying you

 1.) They try to grab your time…even when you’re busy with other stuff
Sometimes PR opportunities come up at the most inconvenient of times – when you and your team are busy on other projects (such as that big sales conference or exhibition…or trying to get everything done before heading off on leave).  But a good PR won’t be afraid to let you know if there’s an opportunity you should be pouncing on (even if they know you’re frantic) – and working with you to maximise the outcome while helping you manage your time.  

 2.) They won’t say ‘yes’… just because it’s easier
Of course it would be easy for a PR to just agree when someone on the client side suggests a PR tactic they don’t think will work (especially if the suggestion is made by a CEO or other head honcho type with a big ego). But you’ll want them to stick to their guns and say it won’t be a success – even though this might ruffle some feathers.

3.) They push you for opinions…even when it isn’t easy
When it comes to PR, strong opinions based on sound rationale are what gets quoted in the media and generates interest in blogs and social media.  So your PR agency should be constantly working with you to come up with interesting opinions about what’s happening in your industry. 

4.) They encourage you to plan ahead….even when you’re more focused on the ‘here and now’
Good PR takes planning and thinking ahead, so you should forgive your PR if they are trying to get you to focus on what appear to be the minor details of a campaign or idea that isn’t going to be executed for many months…even though you’ve got plenty of current priorities that are  competing for your attention.

5.) They keep digging for new ideas, news angles and suggestions to try…and all of them might not come off
Most good PR agencies know that getting the right PR campaign idea takes effort and grind. Along the way they’ll come up with some ‘duds’ that won’t work.  But don’t let this get you down, as this is part of the process.  If they keep going, the agency’ll also hopefully uncover some gems that hit the highs you’re looking for. 

 Photo Credit: flyspy123