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Thinking of adding Web video to your PR plans?

I recently attended a Video on the Web training session with master social web video maker, Christian Payne.  He stunned us with countless stories of how videos he’s created – with little more than a Kodak zi6 – have spread virally across the world wide web, and even ended up being used by the national papers.

Not many commercial organisations have really ‘got’ the secret of how to do web video correctly.  But lots of people seem to be trying.

You’ll need to attend one of Christian’s trainings if you really want to understand this stuff.  But to get you thinking, here are some tips I picked up:

– Keep your video as short as possible (this may seem obvious, but too many videos are still too long)

– Try putting any corporate credits at the end of the vid rather than the intro

–  Web viewers will often forgive poor picture quality, but the sound quality has to be good

– Timing is everything. Try to get your video to hit the web while a news story or event is literally ‘breaking’

– If you’re capturing an interview or a straight piece to camera, get the participants to get passionate about whatever they’re discussing

Image: Salvatore Vuono /