If your PR agency doesn't practice SEO on its own site, can you trust them to help you with yours? That's the point of a recent post from Daryl Willcox (chairman of the media database and wire services) which highlights a study indicating that a large chunk of top UK PR agencies don’t appear to be using basic SEO principles on their own web sites - even though many claim to be able to help clients with search engine optimisation.

There’s nothing new under the sun.  And I think that’s broadly true for tech PR. If you’ve been in any way connected to the business over a period of years, you’ll have seen many of the same or very similar PR story angles re-hashed time after time.  Just to make the point, I’ve put together a list of some of my favourites below

Most people I know who are employed in the technology sector use LinkedIn.  So it's interesting to see how the site is trying to transform itself to make it easier for users to share their news and information.  It's another opportunity for technology marketers to spread the word and hopefully get their content (if it's deemed useful) shared across their LinkedIn network.

So the big talking point in media and PR circles is the news that The Times and Sunday Times will start charging for online content from June. And there are further hints from ‘Murdoch Towers’ that they’ll start wanting paid subscriptions for other newspaper sites over time. With newspapers generally in decline it’s a bold move (as everyone keeps saying). But will it work?  Especially when other papers such as The Guardian seem to be using the opposite strategy – keep  your content free and spread it far and wide so you can rake in the advertising.