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Do the Sugababes love Windows 7?

There’s a buzz doing the rounds of  tech journalist and marketing blogs right now about Microsoft’s link up with the Sugababes to promote Windows 7 ( see posts from freelance IT journalist Guy Clapperton and Rebecca Thomson of Computer Weekly).  And what about this cheesy video of the girls announcing how much they love Windows 7.

The current thrust of comment in the blogosphere is that Microsoft has misfired badly by using the girl band to push the new operating system.  How many adult tech buyers are into the Sugababes? And what messaging does the campaign really seek to get across?  Is it that  tech companies feel they have to use glamorous female celebs to get interest from women (or maybe middle aged men)?

Sugababes in Windows 7 tech marketing promotion

Maybe it’s just that a senior marketer at MS is a huge fan (I’ve known some business sponsorships to be no more strategic than that – although you’d expect a bit more from a global corporation that has come to expect its every move to be meticulously scrutinised). 

All good fun.  I love Windows 7 marketing!