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Are you making the most of all that PR content?

If you’ve got effective PR people that are churning out good content such as news releases, case studies, articles and white papers, make sure you squeeze maximum value from it.  Here’s a list of  things you could be doing with PR content (aside from sending it to relevant media targets obviously) :  

  • Share your PR content on social networking sites – LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook (this works all the better if you can provide links to actual PR coverage on high profile news sites or blogs).
  • Adapt the content for email campaigns (prospects might be more likely to open a sales email if they’ve just read you news story about the same issue on a news site, industry blog or print publication)
  • Make sure your telemarketing/sales  team knows about new PR content – they can mention it in sales conversations and send it in follow up emails
  • Adapt case studies and customer quotes created by PRs so they can be used within sales presentations and customer pitch documents or proposals
  • Post white papers produced by PR on technology news sites (most sites charge, but some specialist sites will let you post for free) 
  • Encourage your company executives to use the content of PR articles and case studies as material for  industry speaking engagements
  • Use the copy from PR case studies as part of submissions to industry Awards  
  • Add links to PR content or positive coverage to staff email signatures
  • Create a round-up of PR content and send it to customers as an email e-zine
  • If your PRs are visiting a customer to get a briefing for a case study – consider getting a short video or audio clip to put on your web site