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If you’re a B2B tech marketer, you’ll know it’s tough to get the media to write news stories about your new products.  Unless you’re Microsoft, Google, SAP etc – or your new product is a ‘world’s first’ (or involves a genuine step up in innovation) - corporate IT publications are unlikely to want to cover your launch.  It's frustrating. So what are the options for generating product PR?

These days it helps to be a bit 'geeky' if you work in PR, marketing or advertising, which means you need to find your way around technology. You might even find yourself dabbling in a little coding (geek-speak for programming) as highlighted in the audio boo report (see further down) from BBC Radio 4's Today programme.PR agencies need to speak geek

Why PR agencies should buddy up with SEOLast month both Google and Bing revealed in an interview that social media activity on sites such as Twitter and Facebook can help specific web content to get listed higher in search engine rankings.  An example being that if a page is shared on Twitter by 'authoritative people' then that can help its performance in organic search results 'to a degree'.

There’s nothing new under the sun.  And I think that’s broadly true for tech PR. If you’ve been in any way connected to the business over a period of years, you’ll have seen many of the same or very similar PR story angles re-hashed time after time.  Just to make the point, I’ve put together a list of some of my favourites below

How would great moments in recent history, such as England's 1966 World Cup win, have been covered if they'd been written up in the style of today's technology PR press releases. What a bizarre idea.  But this is just the notion that Martin Veitch, managing editor of technology news site, CIO UK, has 'kicked around' in his very funny blog post