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Survey content drives PR and marketing for Macro 4’s legacy app decommissioning service   

PR Challenge

Enterprise information management software company, Macro 4, wanted to drive PR and marketing around its tried and tested solution for safely decommissioning legacy software applications (companies can free up IT budget and reduce business risk by retiring their aging legacy apps and moving important data into an accessible online store).


CloudNine PR worked with Macro 4 to develop a survey of IT leaders that identified the pain points surrounding legacy technology and why so many firms continue to splash out on keeping these aging systems ticking over rather than switching them off. The aim was to create a core piece of content that Macro 4 could use in PR and its wider marketing initiatives.

Technology survey report for PR and content marketing campaign

We deliberately created the survey to tease out potential marketing hooks and news angles including.

  • 89% of UK IT bosses admit they are keeping old or legacy applications alive just to keep the historical data accessible
  • 87% know these creaking systems leave their businesses more open to security threats
  • 93% know that legacy tech eats up resources that could be more productively used to support digital transformation


Technology PR media coverage from a survey-led PR campaign

We turned the survey results into a report hosted on the Macro 4 website which the company used as the focus of social media, email marketing and webinar campaigns. The sales team also used the report as a prospecting tool and a leave-behind after sales meetings.

The initial PR using the research findings generated coverage in top-tier enterprise technology media including Computer Weekly, Information Age, CBR, SCMagazine and more. And we were able to use the research as a valuable resource of data we could drop into PR and marketing content over many months.

Client quote

“Cloudnine PR worked with us to develop a compelling survey-led PR campaign that landed top-tier technology media coverage to drive interest in Macro 4’s application decommissioning solution. We were also able to use the survey findings and the survey report as content to support our wider sales and marketing initiatives for this offering.”   

Lynda Kershaw, Marketing Manager, Macro 4