copywriting and content generation

Good copywriting and content generation is not necessarily about a direct sales push of your technology or products (unless we’re talking about copywriting for product or sales collateral). Often the most effective content grabs and maintains the audience’s attention by providing real value.  This could involve handing out relevant advice, insight, data, strong opinions or interesting and entertaining ideas.

  • Case studies
    We handle the complete case study process, from interviewing the customer, copywriting the material to managing the approval process.
  • White papers and reports
    We can help with the development and copywriting of formal reports for marketing or educational campaigns, undertaking primary or secondary research where required.
  • Marketing emails
    We create attention grabbing, punchy emails directed at achieving a response.
  • Newsletters and e-zines
    Copywriting and content creation for electronic or hardcopy newsletters to help build an ongoing dialogue with customers, prospects or other audiences.
  • Web copy
    Web site visitors skim rather than read at length, so we focus on copywriting bite-sized chunks of information that surfers will take away from your site.